Vietnam FesTRIval BINH THUAN 2024

Race date : March 24, 2024
Location : Bau Trang, Binh Thuan, Viet Nam
Race distance  

: Distance 70.3

(Swim 1.9km – Bike 90km – Run 21.1km)

Distance 56.50

(Swim 950m – Bike 45km – Run 10.55km)


Vietnam FesTRIval  Binh Thuan 2024 – A day to celebrate the Vietnamese Triathlon Community, marking the collaboration between Stop and Sports (SAS) and the Vietnam Triathlon Club (VNTC), with the permission of the Binh Thuan Provincial People’s Committee. Vietnam FesTRIval consists of two race distances: 70.3 and 56.50 (half 70.3).

With the motto “HEAD TO TOE ” and “DOOR TO DOOR,” participants in Vietnam FesTRIval will receive comprehensive support. From the competition itself to accommodation, meals, transportation, bike transport, and more. All athletes need to prepare is a ready spirit to come and experience.

Swimming in Bau Trang Lake – a natural freshwater lake with a sandy bottom – is one of the highlights, a unique feature of this competition compared to other triathlons in Vietnam and around the world. Cycling and running along the straight and sandy Bau Trang route with sand dunes stretching on both sides.

In the 2023 season, Vietnam FesTRIval received many positive responses from TRI participants and experts. In the 2024 season, Vietnam FesTRIval promises to deliver a professional competition and a true community gathering for the Vietnamese Triathlon community to meet, interact, and share their passion. All of this will take place at VIETNAM FESTRIVAL 2024. 

Distance 70.3

Swim:  1.9km

Bike:  90km

Run:  21.1km

Distance 56.50

Swim:  950m

Bike:  45km

Run:  10.55km

Bau Trang – Binh Thuan

Located approximately 20km north of Mui Ne, Bau Trang, part of Hoa Thang commune in Bac Binh district, Binh Thuan province, is a place officially recognized as a National Scenic Monument and also known as the “Vietnamese Little Desert” thanks to its vast, untouched golden sand dunes and a large, cool freshwater lake year-round, along with the most beautiful coastal road in Vietnam.

Swimming at Bau Trang Lake

Vietnam FesTRIval 2024 is one of the rare triathlon competitions in Vietnam and the world, allowing athletes to swim in a natural freshwater lake.

Bau Trang Lake is 2.5km long and 500m wide at its widest point. With its sandy bottom and flowing water source, Bau Trang remains cool year-round. Surrounded by white sand dunes, it creates an impressive setting. This promises to provide an inspiring start for the athletes, getting them ready and performing efficiently in the remaining two disciplines, cycling, and running.

Biking and Running

The Bau Trang route – a beautiful coastal road with endless sand dunes on one side and the deep blue sea on the other, along with giant wind turbines, will be where Vietnam FesTRIval sets challenges for athletes in the cycling and running sections

The slopes, sun, and wind of Binh Thuan will be a real challenge for athletes, in line with the “break all limits” spirit that all triathletes aim for. All this will contribute to an exciting and enjoyable competition for all athletes.

Bau Trang – Binh Thuan

Vietnam FesTRIval 2024 is a three-sport sports festival held in Bau Trang, Binh Thuan. This location is renowned as a National Scenic Landscape and is often referred to as Vietnam’s mini-desert due to its white sand dunes. It boasts majestic wilderness, a large freshwater lake that maintains its emerald hue throughout the year, and Vietnam’s most beautiful coastal road, not to mention high-end resorts.

Swimming at Bau Trang Lake

Vietnam FesTRIval 2024 is unique in allowing athletes to swim in Bau Trang’s freshwater lake instead of the sea, which is the norm in most other tournaments. Thanks to the sandy bottom and circulating water, the lake remains clear and blue, surrounded by white sand dunes, creating a stunning backdrop. Athletes can freely swim in the cool blue water, utilizing their swimming skills. This refreshing swim serves as an effective warm-up, preparing athletes for the challenges in the remaining two parts of the competition.

Biking and Running

The picturesque coastal road, flanked by endless sand dunes on one side and the blue sea on the other, along with impressive giant wind turbine fields, will serve as the stage for challenging athletes during the cycling and running events at Vietnam FesTRIval. Binh Thuan’s slopes, sun, and wind will push athletes to their limits, requiring them to pedal hard and run far with the spirit of “breaking all limits,” a philosophy that the triathlon community ardently upholds. All of this combines to make the tournament highly appealing to athletes.




Please contact the Organizing Committee for detailed instructions:


Stop And Sports is a reputable and high-quality sports event organizer in Binh Thuan. Stop And Sports has a successful track record of organizing various tournaments, including Stop And Run Marathon Binh Thuan, Swimming – Cycling – Running Triathlon Vietnam FesTRIval, and Phan Thiet Marathon, …

Trinh Vu Anh Huy (3rd runner-up at SEA Games 31)


“The season started off great! The #festrival award featured a truly challenging double track with slopes and wind. Congratulations to Stop And Sports and #vntc for successfully organizing the first three unified distribution tournaments in Phan Thiet.”

Tuna Dang – “This morning’s experience was earth-shattering ?.

??‍♂️ During the swim, I felt like I was steaming, and it reminded me of my moms ?.

? While pedaling, I felt like I was pedaling on my nose for 90km ?.

?‍♂️ When running, it felt like a mouse was running from one foot to the other, entertaining at 160bpm. I didn’t stop despite the hot sun and steep slopes ?.

P/S: I voted for Route 3 in Bau Trang as the most challenging and rewarding route, and I admit my mistakes ?. Having said that, thank you to the organizers and the team for making every effort to ensure the event’s success. There will always be pros and cons, but ACE cheers for it ❤️.”

Dao Hoang Hai – “Experiencing the 70.3 Festival (Swimming 1.9km, cycling 90km & running 21km) was really challenging. BTC Stop And Sports handled everything professionally, from workshop amenities to intimate exchanges between groups. The organization and logistics, volunteers, and photography were all fantastic and full of effort. Now we just have to wait for the pictures from BTC to be perfect.

I’d like to thank my fellow runners for their encouragement. In the end, I fulfilled my dream of completing the 70.3 distance.”

Minh Nguyen – “My first solo triathlon experience (Swimming – Cycling – Running) at FesTRIval Binh Thuan was truly wonderful. Pool swimming, windy and hilly cycling, and running in the sun from start to finish – it’s hard to choose a more challenging place to start your triathlon journey. But that’s why successfully completing it this time made it all worth the effort, even though I wasn’t well-prepared and had leg cramps after the cycling competition. Resting along the way and running in Bau Trang was a unique experience with the sun, wind, and a refreshing coolness. I’d like to express my gratitude for the thoughtfulness and the efforts of the Organizing Committee Stop And Sports, and the Core Team #VNTC, for creating and organizing an essential event like FesTRIval. It’s a playground that promises to be a destination for triathletes in the following years.`


Where is the competition location?

Bau Trang – Binh Thuan (google map location: https://s.net.vn/lMrc)

Bau Trang – located in Hoa Thang commune, Bac Binh district, Binh Thuan – is recognized as a National Scenic Landscape. It’s also known as Vietnam’s mini desert thanks to its majestic wild white and yellow sand dunes, a large freshwater lake that is green all year-round, and the most beautiful coastal road in Vietnam.

What are the competition distances and forms of competition?
  • Viet Nam FesTRIval includes 2 distances

    * Distance 70.3: Swimming 1.9km – Cycling 90km – Running 21.1km

    * Distance 56.50: Swimming 950m – Cycling 45km – Running 10.55km

    Competition format:

    * Individual: 1 individual will complete all 3 sections: Swimming – cycling – running

    * Relay team: Each team consists of 3 members, competing in the form of relay

    * Team: Each team consists of 5 members competing in content 70.3 (individual form)

What is the cut off time for competition distances?
Distance 70.3 Race distance Cut off time
Swim course 1.9km 1 hour 20 minutes after the start
Bike course 90km 6 hours after the start
Run course 21.1km 9 hours after the start
Total   9 hours


Distance 56.50 Race distance Cut off time
Swim course 950 m 40 minutes after the start
Bike course 45km 3 hours and 5 minutes after the start
Run course 10.55km 4 hours and 40 minutes after the start
Total   4 hours and 40 minutes


Am I required to wear a back float during the swimming competition?


All athletes will be required to wear a life preserver during the swimming competition.

How will athletes' bicycles be transported?

The organizers have cooperated with Bike Station to provide athletes’ bicycle transportation services from Ho Chi Minh City to Bau Trang (Binh Thuan) and vice versa. Athletes who need to contact the Organizing Committee directly for advice and guidance.

How do I pay for tournament registration?

Please log in to the website https://festrival.stopandsports.com/ and follow the steps on the website to proceed with registration and payment.

If I cancel participation, will I get a refund?

The registration fee to participate in the program will not be refunded under any form and condition. Therefore, you need to consider carefully before registering to compete

Age eligible to compete in the tournament?
  1. For Individual Entry:
    1. You must be 18 years old and older to compete at Distance 70.3 (born in  2006 or earlier)
    2. You must be 15 years old and older to compete at Distance 56.50 (born in  2009 or earlier) and a consent form is required to be signed by your parent or guardian.
  2. For Relay Entry:
    1. You must be 12 years old to compete (born in March 2012 or earlier) and a consent form is required to be signed by your parent or guardian.
What paperwork do I need to complete before race day?

All athletes need to confirm the Waiver of Liability before picking up their racekit.


In case of authorizing another person to replace the racekit, the athlete needs to register authorization according to the instructions of the Organizing Committee. (Authorization link will be included in the email where the athlete receives the QR code to receive the Race Kit)

What's in the race kit?

The race kit of Vietnam FesTRIval athletes will include the following items: Time chip, BIB number decal set on body – helmet – bicycle and bag, Swimming cap, running race BIB, finisher shirt, medal , trophies for winning athletes, and gifts from sponsors.

Can I transfer the running BIB to someone else?

Athletes are allowed to transfer bibs before February 28, 2024. Bib transfer fee is 300,000 VND/time. 

(CLICK HERE) for Detail

Can I ask someone else to pick up the BIB instead?



The person who comes to receive on behalf needs to register for authorization according to the instructions of the Organizing Committee. (Authorization link will be included in the email where the athlete receives the QR code to receive the Race Kit)


Please see details about receiving a replacement BIB here.”

On what basis does the organizing committee rank members?

“We rank and award First, Second, and Third prizes in categories based on Gun Time – the time from the starting signal to the moment the athlete crosses the finish line. Chip Time (time from when the athlete crosses the starting line to when he touches the finish line) is not used for ranking but is only considered as a personal achievement.

Will I receive a certificate of achievement after completing the race?

You will receive an electronic certificate after completing the race. You can download the electronic certificate from the website www.truerace.org in the competition results section

Prize structure for winning athletes?

Prizes for athletes who win each distance competition will be announced by the organizers about 1 month before the competition date

How can I get to Bau Trang - Binh Thuan?

(The organizers have cooperated with Minh Nghia bus company to provide shuttle services for athletes from Ho Chi Minh City to Bau Trang and vice versa. Athletes who need to contact the organizers directly for advice and guidance.)


1. Passenger car: There are currently many large bus companies transporting tourists on the Ho Chi Minh City – Binh Thuan route for you to choose from (average travel time is 3-4 hours thanks to Dau Giay – Phan Thiet – Vinh Hao Expressway)


Minh Nghia bus company: Saigon – Bau Trang route

Phuong Trang Garage; Hanh Cafe; Sinh Cafe; Tam Hanh,…: Route Saigon – Phan Thiet – Mui Ne – Hon Rom Average travel time is about 3.5 hours


2. Train: You can travel to Binh Thuan by train on the Saigon – Phan Thiet route or by train on the North-South route. Then travel by taxi or hotel or resort car to your accommodation.

3. Personal car: Currently, the Dau Giay – Phan Thiet expressway is operational, you can travel by personal car to Binh Thuan. The travel time from Ho Chi Minh City – Phan Thiet City is only 2.5 hours.

4. Plane: If you are in a remote province, you can fly to Tan Son Nhat airport (Ho Chi Minh City) or Cam Ranh (Khanh Hoa) then travel by passenger car, personal car or train to Binh Thuan.

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